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Spirit of the sea, crystal healing jars

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Made with healing intent and lots of love! Only created in the highest vibrations possible to ensure a powerful jar that will work specially for you!!


These jars were created from the following supplies:

Quartz of various sizes, Aquamarine, sea salt, sand from FL, tiny seashells from my spiritual journey in FL.

Filled with the intent to bring you a bit of spiritual healing you can physically achieve by being in/near the ocean, each one is imbued with the spiritual meaning of the attached charm, and each bottle holds a different sort of healing energy.

The anchor is intended to imbue safety, security, confidence, hope, stability, good luck and consistent strength.

The seashell is intended to open the third eye Chakra, intuition, and spiritual insight.

The sea turtle symbolizes success in all actions, as the sea turtle spirit will guide you when called upon so you never miss an opportunity!